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Cleanliness in the workplace is so important, for your own quality and standards, and for random health and safety checks. Some jobs are harder than others, which is why our professionals are on hand to help.
At CleanServ Cleaning offer one-off scheduled cleaning appointments or can provide your business with a regular cleaning service.

Canopy Filter Cleaning and Replacement

All canopy or hood Grease Filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This ensures that all fumes and smoke are removed efficiently. If your extraction system is not working correctly you may find that your working environment can get very smoky and even become painful on the eyes.

We remove all the dirty grease filters in your hotel, restaurant, kitchen or café, Once we have safely removed the canopy filters we will replace them with fresh, clean ones. Dirty filters are then brought away and cleaned professionally by a member of our team. This system means that we can replace your canopy filter in a fast and efficient manor. There is no delay to you or your business.

Duct Cleaning

Just like canopy filters, the ducts also require regular cleaning to ensure that there is no build-up of dust or other debris. Our duct cleaning service meets all fire, safety, and insurance requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your canopy and duct cleaning needs.

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